Notion Ink Cain 8 Unboxing

Notion ink cain 8 (21)Notion Ink tried to revolutionize the tablet market with their Adam tablets. But unfortunately that didn’t go as planned and their Android tablets failed miserably. And now they are back with Windows tablets. This time they aren’t trying to revolutionize anything this time they are just trying to sell a good product. And after using Cain 8 i think this time they could succeed. Because it is actually a pretty good product available at a very good price. Cain 8 is a Windows tablet, runs on full Windows 8.1, it couldn’t replace your Laptop or Desktop PC. But it could go very well with them. In short it’s a portable desktop for 10,000 Rupees just not powerful as an actual desktop but much more convenient for people on the go.

You know, this tablet actually made me like Windows 8 which i loathe previously. Actually, i still don’t like it on my laptop. But it came pre-installed in it so can’t do anything about it. On this tablet, i actually found the touch interface of Windows(exactly the part i hate about Windows 8 on my laptop) much more convenient and useful. It is still useless and annoying on a non touch device though. Since Cain 8 comes with a proper Intel processor and fast 1GB of RAM. It basically flies in normal everyday desktop tasks like web browsing, document editing, multimedia viewing and such tasks. Believe it or not i actually found myself using it more than my laptop for web browsing. Gaming is fine too as long as you play games available only on Microsoft store.

Let me tell you what you are going to get under 10,000 Rupees specs wise. Quadcore Intel Atom Z3735F 64-bit processor cocked at 1.3GHz and it can go up-to 1.8GHz because of something called ‘Burst’ Which i think is nothing but renamed ‘Turbo Boost’ for Atom processor. It’s not actually Quadcore though. It’s got two actual processors and two hypothetical processors. All thanks to magical Intel Hyper Threading. Whatever Hyper Threading does, it works and it shows in the performance of the device. It comes with 7.9 inches HD IPS LCD display. Intel HD graphics and 1GB of LPDDR3 RAM. 2MP front and back camera. 4000 mAh battery. 16GB internal memory out of which you’ll get around 5GB free. You can expand it further with the help of micro SD card. 8GB Samsung made class 6 memory card comes free with it.

Oh and also a pack of Mentos comes free with it too. Don’t know what i am talking about? Watch the video below to find out. Also comes under free goodies is 1 year subscription of Microsoft Office 2013 edition. connectivity wise it comes with WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and micro SIM slot. Only 3G/Data services are allowed on the SIM card though. Voice calling is not allowed. It comes with a free USB OTG cable in the box through which you can connect your usual dongle and since it runs on full Windows you can easily configure it too. Lastly a mini HDMI port. If you want me to run any pc specific software/application on it to see if it will work or not or have any question about the tablet just ask me in the comments below.

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