Redmi Joke 4! Ha! Ha! Ha!

What? you thought i’m dead. Well, i’m not, not yet at least. Anyway, coming back to the joke of the new year. Ladies and gentlemen i present you Redmi Note 4. Oh man this is too funny, i can’t stop laughing.

You know, check the date on the last two posts that i wrote last year. LAST YEAR! I said that “Snapdragon 650 doesn’t belong in this price range, and Xiaomi made a mistake by launching Redmi Note 3 for 10,000 Rupees”.

Fast forward to year 2017 Xiaomi decided to correct that mistake by launching Redmi Note 4 with Snapdragon 625. That’s right people 625 not 650 or 652 or 653 or 660. SIX TWO FIVE! We are going backwards now people. HAAHAAHAA Someone please help me, i just can’t stop laughing.

Last year i said, “buy Redmi Note 3 and wait till next great budget phone launches for the same price”. I guess that’s never gonna happen now, unless Xiaomi has other version of Redmi Note 4 planned to be launched for a slightly higher price with Snapdragon 650 line of processors.

Oh wait, i forgot something. I think, now i know why Amazon let flipkart had this one. Amazon was probably like “You can have it, we already have the better one.” L O Really L, Poor flipkart. Thanks for making my day Xiaomi.

7 thoughts on “Redmi Joke 4! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

    1. Z2 plus is the best phone you could buy right now under 20,000 Rupees. It’s battery life on normal use is so good for a phone its size, i can’t even begin to describe. But it still doesn’t get the attention it deserves because of its screen size. You can tell people in extremely generic terms that it has 64gb storage, 4gb ram, high end processor and then you tell them it has 5 inch screen and they would stop listening immediately. People want 5.5 inch screen minimum now.

  1. Hey, in performance it might be a let down. But in battery life and power efficiency, it is very good. It real day performance, it is better than RN3. Don’t just say without experiencing it.

    1. Oh i have experienced it, i have experienced Snapdragon 615 alright. I didn’t say “We are going backwards” for nothing, you know. And one thing everyone seems to be missing is Redmi Note 3 already had a very good battery life and it still does because of the large capacity of battery. And the only reason games and performance feels a little smooth on Redmi Note 4 is because they have been optimized for Cortex A53 now. During Snapdragon 615 days they weren’t.

      But like i always said in my reviews, “with real power comes future proofing” Yeah, i didn’t say those exact words but it was something similar. Anyway, the point is Redmi Note 4 isn’t future proof and it’s definitely not more powerful than Redmi Note 3. If people still want to buy it because of more storage and RAM at the same price and have no problem with average performance, sure they can, it’s their money, their choice, who am i to stop them.

      But if you tell me Note 4 is better than Note 3 in anyway, i would stop listening. So, to sum up, no Redmi Note 4 is in no way better than Redmi Note 3. I wouldn’t take Redmi Note 4 over Redmi Note 3 even if someone give it to me for free. Period.

      I would rather buy Lyf F1s for the same price if Redmi Note 3 is not an option. And that is because value and performance is everything, company’s sticker means nothing. Honestly speaking, Indian variant of Redmi Note 4 shouldn’t even exist, and neither should Snapdragon 625. But both of them do, know why? High margins.

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