Late to the flappy bird party? Read on (Includes flappy bird for PC)

Flappy BirdAs you may have already heard, a very popular game called ‘Flappy Bird’ just got taken down from android and ios app stores. The faster it flew towards the skies of success the faster it came down towards the earth to bite the dust. Reason, the developer ‘can’t take it’ anymore. I don’t know why is that though, if i was making $50,000 a day i would’ve instead said to everyone, get lost haters, i am making the dough and that’s what matters, although he still get to keep the cash. So, not a bad ending at all. If you don’t know know what i am talking about then you are really not using ‘internet’ enough.

Anyway, It is a game which is ridiculously easy to play yet ridiculously hard to cross even two pipes. Yes, pipes as you can see in the photo above you are going to pass several of those just by tapping your screen and making your bird flap or fly, even if you faintly touch the pipe, you are done, finish, game over. You want a better example? just play the flash version by clicking on the link below on your PC. The only difference is instead of tapping your touch screen you have to tap the space bar constantly.

For Android you can simply download the app below.

To play directly on PC follow this link
Flappy Bird for PC

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