There’s something wrong with flipkart’s Moto E’s reviews

As of 14th of may, 2014 Moto E already has 931 ratings on flipkart and 764 out of them are 5 star ratings! And the reviews are exploding all over the place. Now my problem is, how can they ‘review’ it, without even touching the phone? Ladies & gentlemen, gone are the days when only cricket matches were used to be rigged. Now, even smartphones reviews are seem to be rigged/fixed! It looks like some of the them were written by flipkart employees themselves!

It’s not like Moto E is a horrible phone and does not deserve all those ratings but that’s not the right way to do it. It looks fake & unreal. Anyway, their job is to sell the product any way they can. So i wouldn’t blame them for anything. But at least make it look a little less obvious, flipkart.

Only sensible ‘review’ i found there.

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