Want a PS4? Amazon might give you one for free

free ps4

As you can see in the image above. It’s pretty self-explanatory. But allow me to explain a little further. First of all this is a contest. So, not everyone is going to get a PS4 for free only one lucky winner is going to win a PS4. To enter all you have to do is download Amazon’s mobile app and sign in. This contest will start on 14th of July and will end at midnight of 3rd of August.

After you’ve signed in, there’s going to be no pop-up that says “you’ve entered the contest or thanks for your entry”. There’s going to be nothing. Don’t fret because that log in or sign in of yours is your entry itself. In Amazon’s words after you sign in the mobile app you will be “automatically enrolled in a random draw”. It’s like a lottery.

At the end of the contest a person would be chosen randomly and that lucky person has to answer a question asked by Amazon through email. If the person fails to answer as in answers it incorrectly or the person does not respond back in adequate time. Even after getting selected that person will not be eligible to win anything in simple words will be disqualified.

There are 30 prizes to be won in total. You don’t have to make a purchase to enter. It’s not going to increase your chances to win either. But if you really wanna buy something or there is something you need regardless of the contest then go ahead there’s no harm in that.

To be eligible to take part in the contest you have to be a legal/permanent resident of India and also must be 18 or above. For the official contest page, rules and more information about the contest check out the two links below.

Official Contest page

Full contest rules and regulation

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  1. I don’t had any console and video game in my entire life please pleaseeee let me win PS4 pleaseeeeeee if I win PS4 it will be very good gift in my entire life and I don’t forget Amazon in my entire life please pleaseeee let me win PS4

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